About GLC

God's Learning Channel is a satellite network dedicated to bringing the gospel of the kingdom into the entire world and teaching everyone about the Torah and the true roots of Christianity. In 1982, Al and Tommie Cooper were given a vision of building a television network that would enrich the lives of people in the American Southwest. They began with their first full-powered broadcast station in Roswell, New Mexico. God had much bigger plans.

Since then, God's Learning Channel has grown to encompass not only New Mexico, West Texas, Colorado, Utah, Eastern Arizona, and Oklahoma, but today can be viewed anywhere worldwide. GLCs 24-hour broadcasts can now be seen via streaming media accessible from the GLC website. Moreover, GLC is also available on Cable systems across America and on Direct to Home Broadcasts through the Galaxy 25 (formerly IntelSat Americas 5) and AMC-4 (formerly GE 4) satellites for North America, the APR-1/Insat 2E satellite for the 10-40 Window (from Eastern Europe to India, China and Australia) , and the EutelSat W2 satellite for Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East as a means to reach the ends of the earth!

Why is GLC so adamant in standing with Israel?

Genesis 12:3 "And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed."

God has promised to bless the man or nation that blesses the Chosen People of Israel. History has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the nations that have blessed the Jewish people have in turn been blessed by God. Moreover, as the above scripture clearly demonstrates, the nations who have cursed Israel have been cursed by God. For this cause, we will not cease to pray that our government and all the governments of the world will support and stand with the Nation of Israel and her people.

We support Israel because all other nations were created by acts of men, but Israel was created by an act of God! The Land of Israel was given by God to Abraham and his seed through Isaac and Jacob with an everlasting and unconditional covenant. This covenant was ratified when God gave the Torah to Moses and has been confirmed throughout recorded history by the words of the prophets of old and by Jesus the Messiah and His disciples.

Many Christians today try to deny the Jewish origins or inherent "Jewishness" of the Christian faith. They fail to acknowledge that their Messiah, Jesus Himself, was Jewish and obeyed the Torah. Any doctrine that states, "The church has replaced the Jewish people as the Chosen Ones," is called Replacement Theology. GLC stands firmly against this unbiblical and anti-Semitic doctrine. Biblically, the church is grafted into the family of Israel by Christ as heirs according to the promise (see Galatians 3:29; Ephesians 3:6). So, if we be brothers and sisters of Israel, let us stand with Her! Let us continually pray for the peace of Jerusalem!