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  1. How do I contact GLC?
    1. By Mail:
      P.O. Box 61000
      Midland, TX 79711

      By Phone:
      local: 432-563-0420
      toll free: 1-800-707-0420

  2. What are the hours of operation for the office and Bookstore?
    1. Office hours are:
      Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 p m *

      Bookstore hours are:
      Monday-Friday: 10:00am-4:00pm*


  3. Does GLC currently have any job openings and how do I apply?
    1. You may get a list of current job openings on our site by going to the sub-tab "Employment" and searching through current "Job Postings". Applications are available for download and may be printed and mailed in. Or, if you prefer, you may visit the GLC Welcome Center to apply in person.

      GLC Welcome Center
      12706 W. Hwy 80 East
      Odessa, TX 79765
  4. How long will it take to receive my bookstore order?
    1. Bookstore orders should be received within two weeks of placing your order. If the item is a back order or is not available, a bookstore associate will contact you. Please call the GLC Bookstore if you have not received your order within the two week period by calling 1-866-846-5200.
      (Please allow additional shipping and processing time for out of country orders.)
  5. How can I receive your monthly newsletters?
    1. You will automatically receive our monthly newsletter if you are a partner with GLC. If you wish to be added or removed from our mailing list, please contact the office at info@glc.us.com .
  6. How can I submit a prayer request or a praise report?
    1. Prayer Request or Praise Reports may be submitted via email, US mail or by telephone.
      P.O. Box 61000
      Midland, TX 79711
  7. What are the different ways I am able to donate to GLC?
    1. For One Time Credit Card Donations:
      Please call our Bookstore at 1-866-846-5200 or you can donate online on our Donate Page

      To set up re-occurring monthly Donations:
      Please call our Bookstore at 1-866-846-5200

      Make a Donation by using our convenient PayPal button on our Donate Page
      OR Mail Donations directly to GLC with your Pledge Level in the "Memo Line":

      P.O. Box 61000
      Midland, TX 79711
  8. What are the different pledge levels and how is my donation used?
    1. Raindrop

      Any monthly pledge under $30

      Never under-estimate the importance of a small gift! Many Raindrops can combine to become a flood of The Gospel. Some of our most faithful partners are those who've given $5 or $10 a month for 30 years! We know they give, not out of their abundance but, because they know they are called to stand with GLC! Our gratitude for them is deeply heartfelt and we will joyously share the rewards of our work together for The King!


      $30 / month

      These Partners provide the foundational support of GLC, funding all required daily operational costs as such production, guest accommodations, programmer travel expenses, website expenses, administration costs, tower and land leases, phone & utilities, payroll expenses, equipment repair, maintenance & upgrades, and everything else it takes to run this outfit! In appreciation, these partners will receive a 5% Discount* on all Bookstore purchases until the next Round-Up.

      Satellite Partner

      $149/ month

      These Partners support ALL satellite leases. (Warrior, WOW and 10-40 Partners have been combined to simplify accounting.) How important are these partners? Consider that our #1 Satellite, the SES-1, is the conduit that feeds the GLC signal to the entire network! Wherever you are in the world, if you're watching by any means other than the internet, this satellite makes it possible. Other satellites currently under lease: the Galaxy 19 (covering all of North America south to Guatemala & even Hawaii), the ABS-1 Satellite (covering the 10-40 Window, including the Middle East and Asia). Until mid-January 2013, GLC is being carried at no-charge on 2 Channels of the ABS-5 Satellite covering most of Africa-- but even this satellite is dependent upon the signal of our #1 Satellite lease, the SES-1! Your partnership literally enables the GLC signal to cover BILLIONS & BILIONS of homes via satellite. We were shocked at the number of countries covered that speak English as a 2nd, or even a 1st, language! In appreciation, these Partners will receive a 10% Discount* on all Bookstore purchases until the next Round-Up, and, no doubt, a world of thanks! (Pun intended)

      Prophecy Partner

      $1000 / month

      These Partners understand the urgency of the Biblical hour in which we live and the importance of truth over "make me feel good" messages. They know that investing in GLC means advancing The Kingdom. They support every assignment G-d gives to GLC! In appreciation, these partners will receive a beautiful "Yeshua Hand" Mug, as well as a15% discount* on all GLC Bookstore purchases until the next Round-Up!

  9. How do I make a new pledge or renew an existing one?
    1. 4. You may renew your current pledge or make a new one by calling our office during regular business hours. 1-800-707-0420 OR 432-563-0420. You may also send your request via email to: info@glc.us.com
  10. Will I receive a receipt for my tax deductible donation?
    1. Monthly receipt letters for donations in a given month are mailed out near the second week of the following month. End of the year receipt letters will be sent out no later than the 15th of January for your tax deductible donations.
  11. How do I find out who the guest will be for Light of the Southwest?
    1. If the information you are looking for, including guest information is not available on our site, please feel free to call our office during regular business hours at 1-800-707-0420.
  12. How can I watch GLC if my cable company does not carry it?
    1. Our Live Broadcast is available on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. GLC also has a Roku channel which is available by purchasing a Roku box for a one-time cost, ranging from $50-$100. All you will need is a wired or wireless internet connection and you will be able to watch GLC directly from your television. Click here for more information.
      You may also watch GLC via Satellite. Pay no monthly subscription fee, simply purchase the system, self-install (or pay to have it installed) and be blessed by all of GLC's fine programs. If you would like information about our "Free-to-Air" Satellite system, please contact our Bookstore and they will be glad to assist you.

      Bookstore Email: bookstore@glc.us.com
      Bookstore Phone: 1-866-846-5200
  13. How do I order a copy of a program that I saw on GLC?
    1. You may order a copy of any GLC "Studio B" productions OR "Light of the Southwest" programs on DVD or CD. "Studio B" Program Series are also available. Feel free to visit our Online Shop or you can contact the GLC Bookstore for pricing, and shipping and handling charges at bookstore@glc.us.com or by phone at 1-866-846-5200.
  14. How do I become a guest on GLC or make a recommendation?
    1. All guest recommendations must be submitted in writing and include the following information:
      Biography / Testimony
      Books, Tapes or Product
      Media – Video footage, photos, website, etc.

      Please submit this information to:
      P O BOX 61000
      MIDLAND, TX 79711

      *Please note that materials will not be returned and you will ONLY be contacted if an appearance is to be scheduled. We look forward to receiving your information.