How To Watch


Wherever you are -- From West Texas to Australia -- chances are high that you can tune-in to GLC's unique programming line-up!! And the best news is, it’s FREE!

Available Around the World via Internet: 

Our website features live video-streaming of our 24-hour programming, as well as ever-changing video archives that can be viewed at your leisure.  Simply click on the WATCH tab at the top of the Home Page, and choose LIVE STREAM from the drop-down list.

GLC on Roku:

Prefer to watch GLC on your TV instead of your computer? Take GLC's live web-feed up a notch by subscribing to our Roku channel.  The price is right for the little black box that takes it from your computer to your TV, and after that it's FREE!  Click here to learn more. Roku is available in the US, Canada, UK, & Ireland.

Available in North America & Hawaii via the Galaxy 19 Satellite:

Get GLC, and a whole lot more, FREE to the viewer!  If you're anywhere in North America, from Alaska down to Guatemala, or even floating on the Hawaiian islands, then our signal is available to you!  Simply install the small satellite-receive dish -- available through the GLC Bookstore for the low price of $199 plus shipping -- and never pay another monthly fee!  Call the GLC Bookstore (432-563-5200 or 1-866-846-5200) or Shop Online.

Available within Our Local Broadcast Area:

If you're at home in any of the colored areas of the map, GLC is available on most cable systems, as well as off-the-air with an antenna.  In some areas we're even on Dish and DirecTV.  Having trouble finding us? Call the GLC Bookstore at 432-563-5200/866-846-5200 or email

For more information on our Full Power Stations, please click here.