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One Time Gifts

EVERY donation -- regardless of the amount -- is important because GLC takes all of us standing together. So even if you're not ready to become a monthly partner, we want you to know that we appreciate you! Thanks for watching, for spreading the word about GLC, for praying for us and encouraging us! Simply put, we appreciate whatever you do to be a part of GLC!

Any Amount

Never under-estimate the importance of a small gift! Many Raindrops can combine to become a flood of The Gospel. Some of our most faithful partners are those who've given $5 or $10 a month for 30 years! We know they give, not out of their abundance but, because they know they are called to stand with GLC! Our gratitude for them is deeply heartfelt and we will joyously share the rewards of our work together for The King!

Any monthly pledge under $30

These Partners provide the foundational support of GLC, funding all required daily operational costs as such production, guest accommodations, programmer travel expenses, website expenses, administration costs, tower and land leases, phone & utilities, payroll expenses, equipment repair, maintenance & upgrades, and everything else it takes to run this outfit!

$30-$150 / month
Satellite Partner

With a gift of $150 - $500 per month, Satellite Partners sustain our satellite channel leases. GLC currently leases channels on two satellites: the Galaxy 19 and the SES-1 (aka AMC). Each satellite serves a different purpose within the GLC network.

We've utilized the SES-1 (AMC) Satellite for many years to provide a broadcast-quality signal throughout the entire GLC network at a cost of $16,775 per month. Broadcasting via the SES-1 has never been an option. But now, thanks to advanced IP technology, we have an alternative means of distributing our signal throughout the network at a substantial savings. Amazingly, this technology has become available with just enough time for us to make the conversion before our contract with SES-1 ends in October! Of course that means additional costs during the transition, but at the end of the day we'll be savings thousands every month! ...Click here to read more

$150-$500 month
Prophecy Partner

These Partners understand the urgency of the Biblical hour in which we live and the importance of truth over "make me feel good" messages. They know that investing in GLC means advancing The Kingdom. They support every assignment G-d gives to GLC!

$500 or more / month
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Online Donation
Item # all PayPal donations made after 5:00 pm the last day of the month will be posted the following month.
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When funds exceed the specific need of a project, or due to unforeseen circumstances the project cannot be fully completed, funds will be used for other ministry purposes, broadcasting or other important outreaches.