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Never under-estimate the importance of a small gift! Many Raindrops can combine to become a flood of The Gospel. Some of our most faithful partners are those who've given $5 or $10 a month for 30 years! We know they give, not out of their abundance but, because they know they are called to stand with GLC! Our gratitude for them is deeply heartfelt and we will joyously share the rewards of our work together for The King!

Any monthly pledge under $30

These Partners provide the foundational support of GLC, funding all required daily operational costs as such production, guest accommodations, programmer travel expenses, website expenses, administration costs, tower and land leases, phone & utilities, payroll expenses, equipment repair, maintenance & upgrades, and everything else it takes to run this outfit!

$30 / month
Satellite Partner

These Partners support our channel leases on the SES-1 and the Galaxy 19 satellites with a gift of $149 (or more) per month.

The SES-1 is a large receive-dish satellite that provides the FCC-required broadcast-quality signal to the entire GLC network, including cable systems and the Galaxy 19 satellite! So wherever you are in the world, if you're watching by any means other than the internet, this satellite makes it possible.

The Galaxy 19, a direct-to-home satellite, enables viewers to watch GLC via a small receive-dish, like DishNet or DirecTV, but without the monthly viewer subscription fee! The Galaxy 19 covers all of North America -- from Alaska to Guatemala -- and even reaches Hawaii! (Satellite receive-dishes are available through the GLC Bookstore for the one-time, low cost of $199.)

$149/ month
Prophecy Partner

These Partners understand the urgency of the Biblical hour in which we live and the importance of truth over "make me feel good" messages. They know that investing in GLC means advancing The Kingdom. They support every assignment G-d gives to GLC!

$1000 / month
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Online Donation
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When funds exceed the specific need of a project, or due to unforeseen circumstances the project cannot be fully completed, funds will be used for other ministry purposes, broadcasting or other important outreaches.