Episode #42 Digging into the Psalms Pt. 3

Digging The Truth Dr. Rik Wadge

Dr. Rik Wadge began working in the ministry almost immediately after he was saved in 1979. He spent many years planting churches as a full-time home missionary, served as President of Freedom Bible College and Seminary of Southern California, and operated a counseling practice for many years. He began pastoring in 1992, and became a licensed, ordained minister in 1994. Dr. Wadge served as Senior Pastor at The Well, a congregation in Poway (San Diego), California, for seven years prior to dedicating his full-time efforts to the ministry of GLC.

"Digging the Truth" is a teaching series designed to build the Believer's confidence in the written Word of God. Dr. Wadge has enlisted a variety of historical, scientific, linguistic, anthropological, and archaeological proofs in order to broaden the Believer's understanding of scripture. It is Dr. Wadges sincere hope that every episode will serve to enlarge the viewer's perspective of God's plan.

The educational background of Dr. Wadge includes:

  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministries
  • Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies
  • Master's degree in Theology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Counseling
  • Doctorate in Theology
  • Honorary Doctorate in Christian Education
  • Doctoral Candidate in Rabbinical Studies